Key Contacts

Dr. William Tape, P.E., P.Eng., C.A.H.P. Consulting Engineer

Dr. Tape is a licensed Civil/Structural Engineer with a wide academic and experience background. Holding a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering, Water Resources and a Doctorial degree in Civil Engineer, Structures he is able to strategically marry all facets of a project with the others. Since becoming a Licensed Engineer he has worked as a University Instructor, teaching both basic principles of engineering as well as design classes at the graduate and undergraduate levels. He has also worked as both a Contractor’s Engineer, in the public sector and as an Engineering Consultant. His rich knowledge base and diversity prove to be an asset to all projects which he worked on. He is able to draw on this knowledge and past experience to bring resolution to issues and keep projects on track. In addition to being a highly qualified Engineer, Will is also a welding Engineer recognized by the CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) with several certificate from CWB to his credit. He is a project leader and will ensure that every project moves forward and concludes in the interest of all parties.

Will is a licensed Professional Engineer in the Provinces of Ontario, Alberta, the State of Tennessee, and the State of Michigan. He also holds a Consulting Engineer designation from Professional Engineers Ontario.

Mr. Sam Dawood, B. Sc. Arch. Eng. Project Manager

Mr. Dawood is an experienced Designer and project Manager. Since joining Haddad, Morgan and Associates he was with great professionalism managed countless projects. His attention to detail is unparalleled and his focus is always on the client’s best interest. With an excellent grasp of current codes and bylaws Sam is able to assist the project team to navigate through the design and approval process. He is a welcome member to any team and his ability to keep a project on track and focused is a asset to the client and team as a whole.