Commitment to Customer Service

Our office prides itself on customer service and excellence in our work. We focus on ensuring that each and every client is treated with a sense of fairness and importance. Moreover, their project, irrespective of value and/or size, must always be given due consideration and review to ensure that all communications from our office are accurate, in the best interest of the client, and provides the client with the best possible knowledge or solution to their queries.

Professional Services

We are a professional engineering organization with both a Structural and Civil Department which provide a full line of services including:

Civil Engineering

Our office provides a wide varies of civil engineering services including:

  • Storm water management
  • site servicing
  • municipal engineering
  • grading design
  • subdivision planning
  • infrastructure review
  • shoreline armoring
  • roadway planning
  • railway layouts
  • specialized hydraulic analysis

Structural Engineering

Our office provides structural engineering services to clients from government, Architects, Industry leaders, Contractors, and home owners to name a few. Our experience extends throughout North American and extends across the world. Through our focused and experienced staff we can meet any of your structural engineer needs including (but not limited to):

  • New construction design
  • structural modifications and renovations
  • structural review
  • fire damage review
  • specialized structural system design
  • reinforced concrete design
  • prestressed concrete design
  • steel design
  • timber construction
  • and masonry design

Connection Engineering

Our office provides steel connection design services in support of detailing. We customized this service to the needs of each client to ensure the most cost effective process while meeting the project requirements. We are professional members of both the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC).

Shop Drawing Engineering

Our office provides services for design and shop drawing preparation for precast concrete elements and engineered retaining wall structures (including mechanically stabilized walls).

Cladding Engineering

Our office provides engineering support to various cladding contractors from specialized computational modeling of cladding systems to designs for support framing. We can provide each client with all their engineering needs.

Engineering Review

Our office is experienced in providing engineered review of existing civil and structural systems. Whether for the purpose of identifying the current condition, identifying long term costs, reviewed immediate needs, our office can help. Our skilled team will attend you site, provide you with the needed services and supply you with a report of our findings.

Welding Engineering

Our office employs a CWB recognized welding Engineer. We provide fabricators and CWB approved facilities with all aspects of their welding engineering needs in accordance with W47 and the associated standards.

Highway Structure Engineering

Our office provides engineering services for the rehabilitation and replacement design services for bridge and culvert structures. In addition to design services our office can provide inspection and contract administration services.